To Do List Gadget

It’s Monday and my To DO list seemed to get BIGGER today then smaller ! This may have to do with the Flu Virus ravaging my entire household ;)

If you use a blog or social network site this is a great little gadget … a To Do list. It says something about not having more then 7 To Do list items on their page:

“ToDo gadget lets you add up to 7 tasks, the average amount of concurrent tasks the human brain can handle effectively”

I believe that this gadget may have been designed by persons who have yet to discover parenthood :-)

If the sample is not working – head over to Hawaii Wahms to see how it looks.

Please be aware that I have not tested Lab Pixie, so you should be careful downloading anything from their site onto your computer. This Gadget allows you to insert the to do list on your blog or social networking site ….

Get your To Do List HERE

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