Throw it out Thursday

It’s Thursday, time to throw out some clutter! But first I wanted to share what I did last night with my children. We watched the The Brady Bunch, the first three episodes. My goal was to find something I could share with my children that we would all enjoy and it was a hit with all three children aged 5 6 and even the 9 year old boy. One of the things I came out of it with was that Alice A) reminds me of Ellen Degeneres and B) You know there’s something to be said for wearing a uniform when you clean. I can’t count on my fingers how many nice pieces of clothing I have destroyed with bleach spots. So I think I am going to get myself some aprons.

Back to Throw it Out Thursday, today I cleaned out my entire yard. Really all the debris, leaves toys and other garbage. OK so I cheated I hired my neighbors husband who conveniently is laid off of work for a short while and being my neighbor was very affordable.

I didn’t think that would cut it with all you moms who got your hands dirty throwing stuff out… so I also plan to go through all my old Cd’s tonight and ditch those that I know skip, or that I never use.

Have a great evening all you busy moms!


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