To Do Thursday – Earth Day

I know most people create their To Do List on Sunday or Monday and I am considering making Sunday our “to do day”, but there is a Tuesday TO DO list that we all should make. It’s Our Earth Day to do list.

I feel as though I live in the last city in all of Canada to get curbside recycling, and as a result I have let my recycling go down the tubes since moving here five years ago (you heard right – FIVE years). So my Earth Day to do list item was to get a system in place to start recycling ALL of may paper, metal, and glass products.

I purchased three large white round laundry bins that fit a clear recycle bag wonderfully and place them on the patio with a label printed from my computer. Refundable Paper/Cardboard and Metal/Glass recyclables.

Click here to print your own our family recycles sign and container labels.

Now I can simply throw it in the van when it is starting to look full and drop off the recycling with the kids on our way home in the evening. Of course I have been advocating for curbside recycling for some time and I am happy to say it looks like we will have a program here next fall!

Happy Earth day everyone!

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busy mom xs three

I have a pantry with just enough room so I took out the botttom shelf and set four trash cans side-by-side. Then I printed simple labels, cans, plastic, glass, and trash only. For the cans, plastic, and glass, there is a simple green ‘recycling 3 arrows’ above the words to help my children and our guests understand that it is very important to us. All of our paper is kept in the garage for the winter. We live in the country and use it to help heat our house and we shred it to use as bedding for some of our animals (plus it doubles the identy protection…its extra yucky). I really enjoyed your ideas keep up the great suggestions!