Useful Printable Worksheets from Scholastic

I’ve spent a bit of time here featuring useful printable tools and worksheets including checklists, chore charts, menus, planners and other helpful organization tools. I also try to pass the word when I find some useful printables from others that might be of use to my readers.

The folks over at Scholastic have a great selection of printable worksheets including different math sets for different grades and other focused sets like their Pre K Lesson Plans. They do offer a limited number of free resources in each category, but the bulk of their offerings come as part of their premium subscription. In fact, you get access to the entire line of Pre K to 8th grade in all different subject areas like Science, Math, Language Arts, Reading, Arts,  Holidays and so forth. Really a handy box of tools to have for any teacher, including those with home schooled children.

I’ll definitely be featuring some more useful printable tools throughout the year, including some great worksheets for back-to-school time as well as chore charts and other useful checklists. A lot of these will be free and functional but I will also point out deals like these that are affordable and extremely useful for particular groups like teachers and stay-at-home moms.

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