Using Your Mobile Phone to Get Organized

There are countless methods that people use to stay organized, and busy moms and dads looking to organize their families have a host of methods, resources and tools to utilize this seemingly foreboding task. Some people like to make lists and utilize paper planners, chalkboards or inspiration boards. Increasingly, however, mobile phones are able to do so much and so quickly that it’s becoming the go-to tool to get organized in our hectic lives.

We’ve featured a few useful family table apps–and some of these might be appropriate for cells phones–but there are other tips that can be specific to a mobile phone to stay organized.

Considering mobile phones are updating at a rapid pace, it’s quite possible you’re in need of a new phone. A lot has changed in just the last few years that might have rendered your old phone a bit obsolete. ¬†First things first, consider a new phone and ditch last year’s model. You might wonder, “Can I sell my phone in order to make a little extra cash to put towards something new?” The answer really depends, but if your old phone is still useful, in good condition and not too old you can probably make a little money to put towards something new.

Once you’re up to date, utilize all the power and flexibility your new phone has to offer. Before you get to apps, use some of the native features your phone probably already has. These include features like specific ringtones for different contacts, special alarms, timers and reminders as well as text recorders and notepad features. Once you find a specific function you really like, do some hunting to improve on this.

Generally speaking, there’s probably a great app for free or for a small charge that improves on something you could really utilize to get organized. Apps can be useful for keeping to-do lists handy, jotting notes and maintaining calendars. Try some that might be useful, but don’t get carried away. Too many bells and whistles can easily overwhelm you and ultimately be counterproductive.

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