Organize Your Style with Hair Accessories

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer worrying about hair and it’s really quite amusing.  Between travel, vacations, hotels, swim parties and water parks and all the other summertime fun, our family’s hair, especially my daughter’s hair, has really had to withstand a bit of abuse.  I’ve really begun to master all the different ways to put up her hair or quickly make it look presentable quickly, and I have discovered that hair accessories can really do the trick.

sbLooking at some of the new ideas women and girls are using now to add some interest to their hair, I’m really liking some of the new trends. Of course, a good old-fashioned bow or headband works, but I’ve seen some pretty interesting things like hair chains and hair feathers. There are some really interesting looking feather ideas on http://finefeatherheads.com/ that I’m looking forward to trying. I especially like the look of their different tail feathers. They also have a great selection of hair ties in just about any color you would need.

One of my big indulgences on the interest lately has been browsing pinterest and instagram and I’ve seen some really cute ideas for hair accessories like the ones I’ve mentioned such as hair feather, chains and others embellishments. Spend some time going through these sites or just brow on FineFeatherHeads.com and I’m sure you’ll see something that will work for you.

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