Guest Article A Daily Schedule Can Make A Difference

Written by: Q Quinn

Again as I work to get myself to get back on track after losing control for a few weeks I amazed at the power behind a simple daily schedule.

In reworking my Home Management binder I’ve had to come up with a new daily schedule. As my daughter grows things change. Much of my time with her is in creative ventures and teaching her how to do things. I can get very caught up in that.

But enough about that. What really happened is I got so engrossed with working with my soon to be preschooler that I kind of threw my schedule out the window. Some things were no longer done on certain days or done at all so as a result I dismissed my usual pattern of checking my daily schedule throughout the day or when I felt unproductive.

The result? Chaos.

Well okay not complete chaos but I could definitely tell a difference. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from but things were not as orderly as I liked them. Dinner was often late, the house wasn’t getting vacuum regularly, I felt like I had no time to do anything (but play with my daughter) and even my baby girl seemed a little out of sorts.

After a few weeks of this I thought maybe it was time for me to get serious about updating my Home Management binder. I reworked a new daily and weekly schedule to get me going and….


The difference is like night and day. As I sit here mid-afternoon while my daughter takes her nap, and type yet another article (my third for the day) I have already washed 2 loads of laundry, straightened and vacuumed the house, straightened and inventoried the fridge and freezer in preparation for menu planning tomorrow. The kitchen is clean and tidy, in addition to the other rooms because I do walk through morning and night. I won’t get into all of the other things that are taken care of simply because my schedules reminded me that they needed to be done (so I did them) but I will tell you most of all I don’t feel frazzled.

I still have things to do. Work and home alike but I don’t feel out of control or overwrought because I know where they fall in my schedule.

Making a daily and weekly schedule is one of the most simple things you can do to start organizing yourself and your home. You see your list helps you to organize yourself because it’s a reminder in our all too busy lives of what needs to be done to keep things moving smoothly. And once you make your list USE it. Check it at least daily. It does no good unless you put it to use. If you can only muster one ounce of energy make it to check that list.

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