Co parenting and schedule managment custody planner review

I wanted to post about co parenting as it’s a subject close to my heart. Some of you may know that I volunteer (how I fit that into my schedule you wonder ;), well I volunteer allot but one of my favourite volunteer positions is as a family advocate. Why? Because I feel it our responsibility to giver back, and to help create healthy families. Defining what a healthy family is is definitely a post all on its own, but this post is about co parenting. One of the reasons I volunteer as a family advocate is so that I have the opportunity to teach others about co parenting. A divorce or separation is hard on everyone, but co parenting and being organized about it helps prevent unneeded hard feelings and arguments.

One of the books I have read suggests that the more naturally “organized” partner create the schedule, this does not mean dictate the schedule, simply put it together as agreed upon and print copies for everyone.

What I have been doing is using my monthly word calender to create a calender each month – marking “dad” days with orange cells and then inserting important dates for the kids, I provide Dad with a copy two weeks before the month start and he gets back to me with any changes.
I have been searching for some online solutions since Dad is now plugged into the net and came across:

this online custody planner

I think this is a wonderful idea and I love the feature allowing parents to email back and forth. This solution seems to be a great option for families with Two parents looking to organize a simple co parenting schedule. I was not able to locate a feature that allows you to print the schedule so you have to both be willing to log on.

I also think the simplicity of this site and scheduling service for parents would work well for those with limited internet or computer skills.

My only one large concern is not being able to download and save or print out your schedule, It’s important to keep copies of your co parenting schedule.

For those of you looking to integrate something into a palm or blackberry we shall have to keep looking.

The almost always organized Mom.

PS: It’s great to see a parent who codes take the time to create this sort of family tool and offer it to other parents and families for free use !

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I recommend that you check out the OurFamilyWizard website, it has been a great tool for my family. It helps with setting up the color coded schedules, trading days and so much more. We can even store the kids shoe sizes and pant sizes so that there is no confusion when shopping for the kids.

We were actually court ordered to use the site and it has been the best thing for my family, has really helped to get rid of the fighting.