Organized Mom’s whats in your purse contest!

Hmm .. kleenex, receipts, pens, post its, lipstick, A kit kat wrapper, a granola bar, chap stick, palm treo, ear plugs ( yes ear plugs)… Organized moms never know what they might need to keep their busy schedule and family on time!

Some of the things in my purse … what do you keep in your purse and what is in there that maybe shouldn’t be ?

What can you win ? This beautiful hand crafted bag designed by Designer Pamela Robinson using a variety of different fabrics.
She also creates custom designs ladies ! Need a bag to carry your planning tools and your ballet slippers ? Let her know!

Here is the beautiful custom designed bag that is waiting to be shipped to our winner !

Mom contest give away

I can see so many uses for this bag … I would like to see someone using it this summer for their flip flops and a good book when you take your kids to the beach :-) Or your sneakers and towel when you treat yourself to a yoga class .. because mom you deserve something just for you!

You can earn up to TEN entries ! Here’s how:

1) Tell us what is in your purse by posting a comment below. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact you ( 1 entry)

2) Post about our contest on your blog mentioning the prize, our sponsors link and linking back to our blog. Then come back and enter your info on our Mr Linky (3 entries)

3) Visit our sponsors site and then come back here and tell us which of her amazing designs you love!
(5 entries)

4) Tell your friends to enter and mention your full name when they post and we will give you an extra entry!

You can find the contest details here.
Contest is limited to USA Canada Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

Organized mom sponsor

* We will randomly draw a winner Sunday May 11th 2007 and notify them by email

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I carry a mini-backpack-style purse. Inside my purse at the moment: my momAgenda, my [real neat] pen, a handful of my [real neat] business cards, pocket-sized Kleenex, a small notepad, 4 crayons (i.e., blue, green, yellow, and red), a Polly Pocket compact, a beaded necklace, a small lidded snack bowl full of Goldfish, and some cracker crumbs at the bottom of my purse that consistently refuse to leave. (Can you tell that I have a preschool-aged daughter?)

melissa (toasty on cafemom)

Okies in my purse (taking things out as i type) I have all my cards, and whatnots like that, a pocket full of make up and lotions, hand sanitizer, 3 pens, 1 pencil, a book (the feminine mystique), a notebook, two packs of gum, a spare pull up, a trial sized bottle of l.a.m.b perfume, my cell phone, and a smallish little book of phone numbers, my organizer, chap stick in two different flavors, a small envelope with coupons. That’s it TODAY!

Oh and I went to the website and I absolutely LOVE this purse!!
I just may save up enough to get it lol. I have now bookmarked the site so I can come back when I get paid :) Thanks!


Purses , Lol My Pursewithin a purse within a purse’s contents have been revealed.


My Kathy purse holds a wallet, klenex, a pen, lipstick and .37 cents rolling around in the bottom. Love these purses!!!!


Pretty much all my essential electronic gadgets! Cell phone, ds lite, digital reader, digital camera. Then of course, wallet, keys, lipstick, mirror, lollipops (not for me), sunglasses, and tissues.

Thank you!


I loved the Black/Grey Flower Shoulder Bag. That would so cute with my jeans!


lvoe the sunflower large tote….perfect since I have everything but the kitchen sink….lets see makeup, keys, wallet, files from work..,dog toy(dont ask), kleenex, loose change.


I have my wallet, cellphone, pens, pencils, nail file, post it notes, address/calendar book, gum, candy, kleenex, feminine products, hair ties, brush, keys.

I love their


Emily N.

In my purse, I have my wallet, cell phone, lotion, lipglosses and lipstick, hand sanitizer, pens, gum, nail file, mints, mirror, and wet wipes.

I went to the website and I really like the Red Shoulder Bag Made with Reclaimed Vinyl.

Jeanette Jackson

I travel pretty light..I have my wallet, my keys, extra pills for headaches, a pen and some mints
I checked out the site and I like The Island Girl tote


i am a mom to a 9 1/2yr old boy and 3 little ladies so i have my wallet, binkies, gum, my make-up, tissues, pens and TONS of receipts for kiddie junk ;)


In my purse: wallet, a toilet paper roll (embarrassing but true!), make up bag, suncreen, book, pens, paper, extra earrings, flash drive, and cell phone.

My favorite item from her site was this:
it’s so chic!


the butterfly tote is FABULOUS!!!!


I have my wallet, keys, papers, change, insurance cards for me and my kids, and fruit snacks.

My favorite item from the shop is Applique Flowers Shoulder Bag.


I carry a small purse I have make up, a broken amber bracelet (my good luck charm), my ID badge, a text messaging phone, and some Rolaids (I must be getting old).
I also have keys, insurance cards, ID, my hairdressers card and a library card.

I went to the site and I love this purse
It’s big enough for me, and I love the style


My wallet, cell phone, keys, random jewlery, tissue, diapers, travel wipes, hand disinfectant, baby tous, crayons, pens, paper, checkbook, reciepts that can’t even be read because they are so old…wow that is gross, maybe I should clean it..nope



I LOVE th half glamor face bag….



In my purse I have my wallet, checkbook, little bottle of Motrin, other medicine, 2 or 3 lipsticks, a pen, receipts, a few pennies, chapstick, hand lotion, tissues, a small mirror, hair ties, an old water bill, and some random people’s business cards.

Huguette E.

1) In my purse is my lipgloss, cellphone, pen, wallet, and receipts.

3) I like the Swirl Shoulder Bag With Long Strap Made With Reclaimed Microfiber Upholstery and Leather.


I love the butterfly tote from the sponsors site, even though it’s sold I LOVE IT!

In my purse.. I have my wallet, check book, cell phone, chap stick, lip gloss, (make up on certain days), and since I just bought a “big” bag I carry my mei Tai, diaper, wipes, dirty diaper holder, and of course toys for the kiddo’s!!! Great contest.

Tonya Froemel

I have in my purse: My ipod, my cell phone, my car & office keys, nail polish, breath mints, a ponytail holder, two hair clips, coupons, a pen from where I work, my wallet, a grocery receipt, some change, eye drops, lip balm, a candy wrapper, post-its and a mirror.

My favorite from her site: Whirling Butterflies Leather Wallet

Tonya Froemel

I have in my purse: My ipod, my cell phone, my car & office keys, nail polish, breath mints, a ponytail holder, two hair clips, coupons, a pen from where I work, my wallet, a grocery receipt, some change, eye drops, lip balm, a candy wrapper, post-its and a mirror.

My favorite from her site: Whirling Butterflies Leather Wallet


1) In my purse are wallet, ‘bag of tricks’ with lipgloss, tissues, Tylenol, pens etc, coupon wallet, and right now a sippy cup

3) I love the Handmade
Island Girl Tote


What a unique and great giveaway. I have my wallet, keys, lip balm, kleenex, and pen.


Over stuffed wallet, lipgloss, keys, lotion (I never use!), pen, breath mints, cell phone and my daughter’s socks!


Wallet w/cards, pen & checkbook, baby orajel, two of my oldest daughters hair ties, cell phone, digi cam, coupon holder w/ coupons, YAZ (hehe), change in a coin purse, car keys, pics of my girls…

Ilissa H.

In my purse I have my cell phone, my wallet, a card holder, some pens, earphones, feminine products, some gum, keys, loose change and that’s probably about it. My favorite item from the sponsor’s site is the Chocolate Brown Vinyl Flower Handbag Made With Reclaimed Materials.

amy c ohio

Tissues, pens, time slips, drinks (pop.water.juice boxes) band aids, meds, hair brush, hair bands, detangler, calendar, notebook, tide to go, hand sanitizer, slim fast bars, soup at hand, snacks, crayons, candy, gum, tums, coupons, mags and reading materials, address book, pics of my kids, school and work id, dog leash, dog cookies, mints, makeup, dig cam, wallet, checkbook, cards, neo to go, stamps, postits, address labels, change purse, reusable groc bags, sunglasses, hand lotion, color books, palm pilot, wipes, cellphone, work schedule and phone list, highlighters, sharpies, mini office supplies (stapler, tape, ect.) My school books and note book. Hey, I don’t call it my luggage for nothing!


My purse contents…phew! Here we go. I have 3 small coloring books and a set of small (washable) set of Rose Art clip and color markers on a keyring, one size 4 diaper and wipes, a 2 year family planner with pen, my black leather zipper wallet, my keys with my Brookstone digital keychain, a small eyeglass case full of small candies (for the boys), 2 small concealers, a small silver eyeshadow compact, a covergirl powder compact, my tide to go pen, a spare set of car & house keys, hand sanitizer, flavored water packets, a small lotion from Bath & Body Works, my favorite CO Bigelow Vanilla Mentha Lip Shine lip gloss, and finally my fresh citrus Listerine Pocket Mist! That about covers it!!! Crazy isn’t it?


My purse is in such disarray right now. Here is what’s in it – wallet, RX sunglasses in hard case, AKA sunglass case without glasses, lip balm, lip gloss, 6 compact tampons, tons of receipts, my PALM, cell phone, 2 pens, more receipts, mints, stamps, Crystal Light to go packets, tissues, keys, and hand lotion.


I have lipstick,eyeliner, chewing gum, sunglasses, coupon
pouch, receipts, wallet, small bottle handsanitizer, mints,
hand lotion, pocket change, and cell phone. I think that’s
too much sometimes.


Now, since I have a 3 month old, I haven’t carried a purse for a bit, instead using the gigantic 50lb behemoth known as a diaper bag. So, I found my black purse sitting in a corner of my closet, right where I left it when I got home from the hospital, and transferred most things out of it.
So, here’s what was left in it:
2 lip glosses
1 hand salve
assorted change
1 bobby pin
2 hair bands
2 cough drops
3 crumpled receipts
2 tampons

Exciting, no?


I love the cheerful flower tote!


Here is what’s in my purse, this will be very long: a CardMaker magazine, two Lucky magazines, a certificate of autheticity from my Coach bag, a pic of my cousin at one year old, berry hand sanitizer, change purse, a book, my Palm Centro, car charger for phone, deoderant, Germ-X soft wipes x3, Cynthia Rowley umbrella, head phones, four random keychains, a bday card, two pennies, 5 gum, Chanel sunglasses, Mario Kart DS, Nintendo DS, Hardee’s coupons, skin vitamins hand wipes,planner, Japanesse Cherry Blossom body lotion, Sweet Pea Body Lotion, Black Amethyst body lotion (all from bath and body works), a pen, wisp min tooth brushes, my wallet, heart post-its, Halls, calgon body spray x2,DKNY glasses, a random Smencil(what the?!?!?!),and a walmart reciept
I also have my makeup bag which contains: two Burt’s Bee’s chapsticks, Sea Island Cotton handsanitizer, Lens cloth, L.A. Colors pressed powder, Aziza II blush, Tide to go, 7 lip glosses, Almay clear complexion makeup, two cometic wedges, sunscreen, kleenex, powder brush, nail filer, two eyeliner’s, mini hair spray, Mariah Carey body lotion, lens cloth, two eye shadows, two more bath and body works hand sanitizers, wipes, mascara, and a perfume sample from Avon

DONE!!!!! I know what you all are thinking, FINALLY!


I have quite a few things in my purse:
mail from 3 weeks ago
receipts galore
day planner
ring box
make-up bag(not going to list everything in that lol)
mini laptop
there’s always a book in my purse

I’ve run out of room in my purse. Otherwise, there would be a million more items in there.