Time managment skills for children – free to do list for kids

My children’s school requires each child in grade three and higher to use a day planner. I think this is great, however, I watch my son struggle still with his planner.Aas a result I have begun looking for ways to begin teaching my younger two children a few more time management and organization skills.

I found an article on the Scholastic website that talks about introducing check lists to children. I think this is a great idea and it reminded me of a to do list that I made for my middle son to help remind him to perform some simple tasks.

I try to not have more then 10 things on my daily to do list (of course this is different from my never ending oh man when will I find time to do that To Do list) I find I can usually get through 7-10 items on top of my regular day. My son’s list (he was aged 4) only had three items.

So I have made a My first To Do List printable for your children aged 4-6. Please use this tool with your child. You may want to consider a reward if it is completed.

My First To Do List for children age 4-6 – Pink

My First To Do List for children age 4-6 – Green


Screen Shot:
To do list for children

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