MommyFest 2008 Blog Party – Organized Families

Welcome to the Mommy Fest post! So I thought I would post an introduction for those of you who don’t know me.

I use to be the Always Organized Nanny and the Always Organized Household manager for always busy moms. Then I had a child and I was the Always Organized Mom finding nannies for unorganized moms. Then came Baby Two and I took a brief hiatus from Organization as a result of the true meaning of parenthood “Sleep Deprivation”. Then I launched where I use to give away a printable mom planner. And I changed careers heading into business management and marketing.

Then I had ANOTHER baby! And now I am the Almost Always Organized Mom, which is a more realistic title for any mom with more then one child ;) and the site has become a blog adding an addiction almost as bad as chocolate to my life!

I contract for a large parenting website in the USA, working primarily from my home office here in Canada and run a small business called Her Media where I offer assistance to small businesses with more then website design, but coaching and strategies to create a site as a marketing tool, I have been working in Online Advertising for almost four years.

As a now single parent of three children under the age of 9 some days are crazy and some days at the end of the night I go – hmmm now how did I pull that day off because i need to replicate it every day!

In the spirit of the contest I have a give away… A free featured listing on Her Blog Directory and your 125 button displayed on Organized Families and Her Blog Directory for a month.

Subscribe to our newsletter while you are here and be entered in this months give away of a free copy of an Amazing Menu Planning software full of recipes from Mountain Software!

Happy Mommy Fest ;)

** To be entered in the Mom Fest free advertising contest, just comment below and include your email address :-) I will randomly select a winner Saturday May 17 2008.

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It’s very nice to meet you! Enjoy the blog party!!


Nice spot you have here. Welcome to the party! Can’t wait to get more organized…or almost organized. :)


Came from MommyFest. Great blog! Thanks for coming to ‘Mommy Confessions’


thank you so much for coming by to meet me at . I am really enjoying your blog here! I am sad I missed your contest. Please come by again and if you want to exchange blog roll links so we dont lose eachother, that would be great!


Oh, and please enter me in the CONTEST!! The KC is a newer blog, but its a bunch of us moms that blog all on one page over there, so readers get twice the craziness in one. We would love to win cause we love to chat with other moms!!


Hi – I am loving your site!! Please enter me in the contest – I am signing up for your newsletter now!! I loved the article about purses!! Thanks for stopping by my blog –


Thank you for stopping by my blog. It’s nice to ‘meet’ you. I love your blog, I’ll be sure to come back often!


Thanks for visiting my blog! Congrats on your blog, I need to come back an get some more organization tips :).
Happy Mommyfest!


What a cool blog. Please enter me in your giveaway – i could use some ad space for my new business. :) Thanks so much for this contest. Hope you’re having fun at MommyFest. :)


Thanks for stopping by. I certainly could use some organizational help myself!


Thanks for stopping by to see me at The Misadventures of an Ordinary Housewife. Looks like you have a great site. I’ll have to read more of it to see how I can stay organized.


Coming here from Mommyfest, you stopped by my mommy blog. I was interested in the free advertising and stuff you mentioned how do I do that?? Can you email me and let me know?? I am also an organized mom with a website and network. I”d love to have you come check us out at our main site or at the network


Nice to meet you. Great post. Thanks for having me at your party. Come stop by mine if you get a chance. PLease enter me in the contest.


Hi! Thanks for coming to visit my blog! What a great idea, a place to encourage better organization. I would love to enter into the contest!


you are one busy work at home mom!

thanks for visiting my site!


Stopping in from Mommyfest! Love your blog, signed up for the newsletter!


hi! Thamks for the comment! I could always use more organization in my life!! lol


Hi. Found you from Mommyfest. Organizing is something I actually love to do; however, it always seems like more fun to do it for others and not at my own house. I have a small business and will be checking out Her Media also. Seems there might be a lot I can learn from you!



I’ve been said to have OOD “obsessive organization disorder”, so I can totally relate to your line of work. Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting.


You seem to achieve an incredible amount for a single parent with 3 children, so you must be amazingly organised! Would love to be entered into your comp!


Hey Karrine you won over at Mom Unplugged. Contact me at latarah at gmail dot com and I will send your e-book to you.