Using your Cell Phone to stay Organized

Ok, like me you are a mom. Of course theres a number of other job titles that comes with being a mother. We know them, housekeeper, taxi driver, cook, coach… But above all that is MOM. It’s managing and keeping track of all those other titles that gets hard isn’t it mom?

Well I received the best Mothers Day gift this week and now I have to share it with all the other busy moms out there! Someone twittered a link to me last week for Jott. It’s free – really a 100% free task organizer for your cell phone! Access your Google Calendar, create To Do Lists, send text messages to a group, need to remind your kids about their family appointment. The great thing is, it works for a lot of different phones, whether you have a Nokia Windows phone or iPhone, and it’s easy to sign up for.

Create a reminder and assign it to your “family group”. Never miss an item while you are at the grocery store, an appointment, an errand by creating your shopping lists, to do lists, and appointments, and family calender to your cell phone by text.

You can also jott your items to twitter, your blog, and calender. Canadian or American mom’s welcomed by this great time management texting tool. So lets get Almost Organized mom Check it Out

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