Guest Article – Everything but the kitchen sink? Quiz for moms

Written by: Judy Warmington

If clothes “make the man” does a purse “make the woman?” I don’t mean the look or style of a purse, I’m thinking about the inside, after all, just as you can’t tell a book by its cover maybe you can’t tell a woman’s organizing ability by the outward appearance of her purse. But maybe you can by the inside of it.

What does the inside of your purse look like? If I were to ask you some questions about it and then give you a score, how would you do? Well, take a minute and try this test to see how you’re doing in the area of organizing in relation to your purse.

1. Do you have pouches for different categories of things such as make up in your purse?
2. Do you use a wallet inside your satchel?

3. Does (or could) your personal planner fit easily into your handbag?
4. Are your family photos in neat plastic sleeves ready to be shown proudly?
5. Do your keys have a certain place in your purse rather than digging for them everytime?
6. Are credit cards, library cards, social security cards, insurance cards, etc. secured in a special spot?
7. Does your cell phone have a special pocket?
8. Are loose pens or pencils rolling around in the bottom of your bag?
9. Are you housing gum wrappers, used ticket stubs from an event, or laundry receipts of things you picked up long ago in your purse?
10. Does you handbag have anything that doesn’t really belong there such as a hammer or the TV remote?
11. Are coupons floating around in between this and that in your purse?
12. Do you have empty hand cream, medication, or perfume containers taking up space in your purse?
13. Are there any credit card receipts loose in your handbag?
14. Do you have old used Kleenex tissues stuffed in the corners of your bag?


Give yourself a point for every “yes” on questions 1 – 7 and give yourself a point for every “no” on questions 8 – 14.


12 – 14 points = You’re about as organized as you can be regarding your purse – good going!

9 – 11 points = You’re pretty well organized but could use some fine tuning where your purse is concerned.

5 – 8 points = It’s getting a little out of control in your satchel so it’s probably time to clean it out! Some organizing tools, such as small pouches for similar items, might help maintain order in there for the future.

1 – 4 points = Yipes! You must be constantly digging for things amidst the mess in that handbag. Dump it out and get ruthless with what needs to go and what needs to stay.

It doesn’t matter the size or style of your purse. What matters is the efficiency or lack thereof produced by the way it’s organized!

Judy Warmington, Woman Time Management
The Organizing Specialists

Using a warm, down-to-earth approach with humor and candor, trainer of Professional Organizers, radio personality, former high school teacher (B.A. Western Michigan University), busy wife, mother of three adult children, and proud grandmother, Judy Warmington of Woman Time Management (for men it’s pronounced: Wo – Man Time Management…it’s for you too!) will offer realistic solutions for “Cleanies” and “Messies” alike. Since 1983 she has presented speeches, workshops, and all-day seminars for the public as well as for businesses, conventions, clubs, and church groups/retreats.

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Oh boy. I scored a 5. But I’m trying! I really am! For example:

I traded my bulky paper day planner (where I’d shove various receipts and coupons) for a Blackberry. (I don’t have it set up with phone service so I just use it as a PDA.)

I do keep a checkbook-sized wallet so my debit cards, discount cards, ID, etc. is organized. But I also have a bad habit of shoving receipts in there and just throwing money into my purse instead of in the wallet.

BUT…coincidentally, I cleaned out my purse tonight. I realized how messy it was when I had to just take some vital items in a backpack on a field trip today and then couldn’t fit them back in the purse when I was done.


You have a cute blog. It’s nice to learn a little about you. I am just stopping by from Mommyfest to say hi. Have a wonderful day.