5 Things About This Mom – Mommy Fest 2008

1) I am a single working mom with three children under the age of 9

2) I am the vice chair for my school PAC and I believe ALL children should have the ability to attend post secondary Education. I also feel we should have more Art Appreciation and music in the elementary level public school programs.

3) I will be living in Scotland next year for three months with my children!!

4) I telecommute for an amazing company 35 hours a week !

5) I need more sleep ( I miss sleep)

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Thanks for visiting my blog from MommyFest! How cool, that you’re going to be living in Scotland with your kids. Now that’s my kind of geography lesson! :) And I couldn’t agree with you more on your 2 and 3! (and 5…I need more sleep too…or more hours in the day…LOL.) I am so bookmarking and blogrolling your site, as I look at your printable resources on the right. :)


Sleep is a beautiful thing! Your blog is really lovely!


Dropping by from Mommy Fest. It’s nice to meet you. Living in Scotland with your kids sounds interesting. Enjoy!