Monday To do List

It’s Monday – and as I promised I actually made a to do list last night!

I challenged all you busy moms last week to create a To Do List of seven items you would get completed over the week. List your to items here and next week I will randomly pick one mom to follow up with and see where you are with your to do list.

Start small with six to seven attainable items. Don’t list paint your house unless you are planning to hire someone. However, research paint colors for house and create paint shopping list would be a bit more realistic;

Here is my almost always organized mom to do list for the week:

1) Bring out all the children’s summer clothes and sort through them.

2) Download affiliate Podcasts to my palm so I can listen to them while waiting for the children at Track.

3) Update spyware software on all our computers.

4) Purchase allergy mattress covers for the beds.

5) Change the fish pump on Flippers tank.

6) Get the lovable labels fundraiser for the school ready.

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Organized Mom

One day in and I have already done 4 5 and 6 !

I also bought totes to organize the children’s clothing …