Getting your receipts organized both home and business receipts

We all have them, those little pieces of papers called receipts in the bottom of our purse, the drawer, the desk, your work bag, maybe even your glove compartment! Receipts are a large part of our every growing Paper Clutter. I have found a way to get them organized for free. You can too !

I own my own small business and the receipts can be a bit overwhelming, I easily spend a total of 3-4 hours a month organizing and entering receipts into an excel chart. How much valuable time are you spending organizing your receipts. Those receipts you may be saving for budget purposes, receipts for tax purposes, receipts for work, receipts for business ? Regardless of the reasons why you keep a hold of them, if you consider your time is worth at LEAST $10.00 an hour then you should check out ShoeBox start as a free member and scan and upload those recipts. Organize your receipts into groups, export them as excel or PDF.

I KNOW i spend more then 2 hours a month dealing with all these receipts they are right up there with all the paper bills for me (we will talk about those another day !). So now I simply place them all into an envelope (I convinced my 9 year old son to address them for me;) and mail them away and awaiting them to show up on Shoe Box where I can save them and have them ready for tax season.

I also organize my childcare related receipts and children’s medical and activity receipts so that I can easily send Dad a copy so he knows what his share of expenses are and it keeps it readily available if needed in the future.

So for $20.00 and the cost of a stamp I have one more thing you will NEVER see on this Busy mom’s to do list! No more organizing and entering receipts. Join me in the Receipt Revolution Moms!

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