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Remember those goals you had, the dreams ?

It’s not to late to make them happen. Motherhood may mean you need adjust how you achieve them yet they are still attainable !
One of my goals has always been to see the world, well actually experience the world. I don’t think I will be satisfied with an odd one week resort vacation. I want to live, breathe, and experience cultures from around the world. If I was 20 and had no children I would pack my bag and be on my journey. Having three children, I have to adjust the steps I will take to reach my goal and even how that goal will look. I will however, obtain that goal.

So I challenge you to DREAM. I enjoy using a big white board and a rainbow of markers. No White board, use a large sheet of legal size paper. On the RIGHT side list all your dreams. 15 years from now what does your life look like ? What have you done ? Dream BIG.

There is no right or wrong. Anything is achievable with enough time and realistic steps to get there.

Here are my “dreams”

1)Live in the following countries for at least 8 weeks; India, Scottland, Ireland, Spain, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, New Zealand, Italy, Iceland, Portugal, Greece with my children.

2)Visit the following Countries: Japan, China, England, Panama, Russia, Namibia, Egypt, maybe a few more.

3) Renovate my house

4) Purchase a new house that is larger

5) Complete a masters degree in Business and an associate degree in Social Work.

6) Start a non profit for families

7) Launch a media network

8) Sing with my children at their weddings

9) Learn Spanish, Hindi, and Portuguese

10) Lose 50 pounds that I have gained since having children

11) Run a cross country race with my son the runner

12) Return to dance

13) Become a foster parent

14) Write a novel

So what are your dreams …. share. Writing them down is the first step to making it happen.

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