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Last week I discovered two things in my motherhood journey.

The first is that I am not a helicopter mom and the second is that the best place for your spare car key is “in your wallet”.

I attempted to make a quick run with my daughter to the store to purchase some totes (I needed to organized my shoes in the closet and some office related paper clutter I haven’t gotten to yet ;) I walked in with my keys.My daughter and I went straight to the totes then to the linens to grab a hypo allergenic mattress cover and straight to the check out. When I arrived at the check out I had no keys.

This is an ongoing issue for me. My best friend will tell you from the time I was 16 and was the first girl in our group to get a car ( i worked and bought it myself) she would have to follow me around and pick up the keys where ever I left them to ensure everyone had a ride home.

Ladies, you have to picture my key chain. First it has TWO key chains stuck together home and office. then it has a large blue around your neck butterfly band (like the employees at Target would wear). Then I have a third key chain attached with all my membership cards, library cards all neatly hole punched and ringed.

Yet still I lost them. However, this time i realized it was not worth the time to get upset or waste time searching. We back tracked once , informed customer service leaving my cell number, and then I called a cab to retrieve my spare keys. I wasn’t late for my meeting :) It took the store 3 days to find they keys.

Organization to me is largely about time management. Time management is about prioritizing and balance. Searching for keys when I have a spare (even if it was at home) and a meeting in 40 minutes was not a priority. My time searching even if after 30 minutes I found they keys would have been a waste of 30 minutes and most likely would have resulted in some additional needless anxiety.

When I told my father he laughed and shared that the last time he lost his keys he went to look for the magnetic key holder he had on the car and all that was left was the magnet ! Then he shared some fatherly wisdom that would have saved me $10.00 on a cab. Keep your spare key in your wallet. This also solves those times when you remember your purse but leave the keys in the ignition.

Now for helicopter parenting. I am not a FREE FREE range mom but I have effectively given myself permission to NOT be a helicopter parent. My stress level has gone down and my children are happy. I am allowing them to ride their bike in the front of the house and go back and forth between our yard and two neighbours with children the same age. My official comment on Helicopter Versus Free range parenting. Its an individual decision each family needs to make on their own. I have found a happy medium between two extremes. Which of course equals a ‘balance’ .

Have a great week !

The Almost Always Organized Mom

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