Ask the Organized Mom

Summer is here ! This summer I have decided that each week I will answer ONE reader question. (Maybe more.)

So here is your chance to ask away – family, home, work, organizing, time management, even your silly questions.

Ask away and each week one reader will will have their question answered AND I will send you a “suprise”.

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I’m a single mom and I work at home plus I’m starting my own WAH business too. I have a 5 yr old at home with me all day. I’m trying to find a way to do two things:

1) Make myself a home office with very little space or money

2) Set up a play area for the 5 yr old to keep her from tearing the place apart while I’m working by making it easier for her to clean up and know where to put things


I have cleaned my husbands side of the closet several times to no avail! He fills up his laundry basket and almost the entire closet floor with his clothes. What would you suggest for his dirty clothes beyond the one laundry basket?