The urge to purdge and organizing your home

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Let There Be Light & Space

One thing that surprises many of my clients is that somewhere around 35ish they get the urge to get rid of stuff. They have made a mental list of the areas of the house that are annoying and aggravating them. The second thing that surprises them is when I assure them “This is perfectly normal“. Then it becomes about “Aunt Mary gave me that lamp and I don’t want to hurt her feelings.”, “I’m saving the _______ in case one of my kids want it” or “I may use/need/want that one day.

So let’s look at what is behind this urge to purge

  • Somewhere & somehow there was an acceptance that husband is not going to pick up his socks, the kids are always going to leave their things in a pile in the hallway & in the real world the house is never going to be perfect.
  • Next comes a realization that their home needs to be both liveable (translation family & pet friendly) and a relaxing refuge from the outside world.
  • The feeling that is gaining momentum and often triggers the earlier confession is the desire to only have around them the things that give them pleasure, are important to them and that represent their taste and speak to who they are as a person.

Here are steps to get past the excuses & closer to the home you deserve

  • First, let’s deal with that matriarchal urge to preserve the past by holding onto old stuff that weighs you down. If the kids have expressed a desire to put it in their own homes one day, pack it up and store it for them. If they are not interested pass it on to an antique or second hand store. This gives it a second life. To a young couple or someone with not much money, that furniture, the silverware or set of dishes could be just what they are looking for.
  • Those clothes in your closet that are a slightly out of style or don’t fit. Give them a new life too, by taking them to a thrift or consignment store. There is a woman out there who really needs an outfit to look for work or to feel better about herself.
  • Replace ugly lamps and get rid of the over abundance of knick knacks that you are tired of dusting. If something was a gift ask yourself “Why am I living with it for 364 days in case the giver visits for one day?“.
  • Photographs/mementos – you don’t have time to sort through them but take them out of the cardboard boxes. There are some lovely containers that you can buy.
  • So you have accepted that the clutter ends up in a certain spot but you can improve the look of where it lands. Buy a bench, bureau or what ever you feel works best.
  • Finally, your bedroom. This room should be THE place for relaxation and sleep. There should be no work, bills, ironing, exercise equipment; you know what needs to go.

Remember it is about getting rid of things that no longer give you pleasure. NOTE: Don’t get caught up in having a time consuming garage sale that may net you $25- and a headache.

Take the steps room by room to get out from under old stuff because this time in your life is about letting go. You want to move forward unencumbered and be ready for whatever comes your way.

If you feel overwhelmed about doing this by yourself check into hiring a Professional Organizer:

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