2009 a New Year. Tips to Prepare for a New Year

Guest Article by: Jodi Taylor

Easy Ways to Prepare for a Successful 2009!


I would like to help you start your new year off right! If you begin with a positive, clear mindset in a home that is spacious and energizing, odds are that you will end the year in the same way. I have sent this article out early this month to give everyone a chance to prepare for a successful 2006!
Our Hearts and our Minds:

I love the idea of starting a new year fresh! There is a lot of power in thinking about what we would like from the year ahead and planting a couple of dreams. What would we like to be doing? How do we want to be feeling? Are there changes we would like to see in ourselves or our situations?

Take some time to think about the questions above. Once you have some answers, determine what basic steps you could take to bring you closer to attaining these dreams. For example, if you would like to land a great job, you could write down all of the companies that you would like to work for and check out their websites on a weekly basis to look for new job postings. Better yet! Call up a manager in the company and ask for an informational interview to find out what they look for in employees and what skills and education are required so that you can be prepared when the opportunity comes knocking. Thinking about these things, writing down our hopes for the new year and planning simple steps that we can take towards these dreams is a great way to lay the groundwork for a successful 2006!
Our Physical Surroundings:

Once we have laid the mental groundwork, we should take a look at our surroundings and ensure our homes are set up in a way that will assist us throughout the year instead of deter us.

Take a walk through your home one room at a time and make note of all the things that have irritated you all year long! Beside each item, write down what you can do to remedy the situation. For example, if every time you put your coat away, you have to fight to squeeze it in the closet, remove some of the coats! Put away all out of season pieces in a place that you don’t use often such as a closet in the attic or packed up into a box in your storage space. If every time you go to pack up leftovers you cause a landslide of Tupperware, downsize your Tupperware cupboard! Recycle those margarine and yoghurt containers instead of keeping 20 of each. Make sure each piece you keep has a lid and put all the lids into one larger container so that they are all in one place instead of all over the place!

Now that you have identified all the little things in your home that bugged you throughout 2005 and what you can do about them, try to fix everything on your list. If you can dedicate 4-8 hours in order to set yourself up for 2006, you will have a happier, easier and less stressful year! If that list is just too big, put in your 4-8 hours before midnight on the 31st and then plan to take care of one item on your list every week until it’s done. With this one step alone, you are giving yourself a boost of energy each time you go to that area of your home instead of depleting it daily! Imagine how nice that would be!

While fixing up the items on the “it won’t bug me anymore” list, try to put things away off of the ground. If you can bring in some inexpensive shelves and store items up and out of the way instead of in the way on the floor, you will clear up a lot of space. Not having to walk around things or trip over things in your way every day is very freeing for both your home and your soul!

Until next time,

Jodi Taylor
Whatta Mess Professional Organizing

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