Free photo book helps Moms get organized

This is such a GREAT idea for organizing your children’s art work!

Each day as the artwork arrives home I make myself save no more then one piece each day. Art work and school assignments are posted to our ‘art wall’ for the week and every Sunday evening I pull the art down, write the date on the back, and store it in a medium sized tote until I place it in scrap books at the end of each school year.

Being a geek mom, I have considered scanning all the art work. Actually when Liam was in preschool, I did scan all his art work and put it up on his personalized website (this of course was when I was a mom of one child ;). Pull out your memory sticks, CDs, or scanner, a cup of java and make yourself a free Photo book.

Oprah is offering one free PHOTO BOOK through snap fish. You have to order it by Friday.

Click HERE for your free Photo Book

Offer for US addresses only

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