Almost Organized mom with six children

Before you fall off your chair over the post title, let me explain. Some of you have been following the adventures of the (once upon a time) Organized Mom since 2003 . As you know my life has changed over the last few years and now it seems I have a new change.

I have a new beau, hold your applause (though I did very well in my selection). Most of you know me as the single mom mom of three running a business from home in Marketing. My life as been described as chaotic and the chaos is going to be increased over the next few years – well doubled. My children aged 5 7 and 10. His aged 5 (twins) and 7. Totaling six. Lets break it down, that’s THREE five year olds in Kindergarten, TWO seven year olds in Second Grade and One preteen 10 year old heading into Middle School next Fall.

Am I crazy ? Seems we both have been hearing that word from our friends ‘you are crazy’. Maybe a tad, though I am actually looking forward to seeing how this works out ;) We have begun eating together as one big group at least once a week, we are planning our first all together vacation for January, and I am looking at expanded Christmas celebrations. We will have our separate homes for quite some time (at least a year) as we work through parenting differences and so on ;)

So don’t be surprised to see some new larger family tools and resources in the near future.

~ The Almost Always Organized Mom

I am wondering how many of you believe in the Law of Attraction … it seemed like a good idea to start watching the Brady bunch on DVD with my kids last spring on family movie night .

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