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I have been working a lot over the last few days. Creating contact lists for one of my clients, reviewing the adserver beta version for another, and preparing to Re-launch Organizedfamilies.com.

While researching goal setting resources yesterday afternoon I stumbled across Life Tango. A website that helps you determine, map, and reach your goals. We all have personal goals and business goals. I have found that using a goal setting approach to project planning has always helped me stay on course so I decided to give Life Tango a try for one of my business goals for the year.

After registering, I created my goal and about 6 milestones I have to reach in the next two months to stay on track.

Do you have a  goal that you are trying to reach ? I challenge you to join Life Tango or check out some Goal setting programs to help you reach your goals.

Of course when ever I wander to a new topic I immediately want to google I believe my “google it addiction” is right up there with my chocolate addiction.  Today I stood and watched my significant other hum and haw about looking for directions lost during my bathroom renovation to install the new light fixture my answer “google it”, when my son asks me a question I answer and always follow up with hey lets go “google it”

I googled “mom goal setting” to see if I could find other moms online looking for information about goal setting.  The title Mom Defrazzler had me laughing even before i opened the blog. Mom Frazzled yes this would be most moms I know at some point during the day.  After finding the front page of the blog I discovered she was discussing the importance of visualizing and writing down your goals.  Which I Was working on myself this week.

Here are some other paid programs to help with goal setting. I am hoping to get the chance to review some of these over the year (another business goal).

Goal Pro: 30 day free trial – The journal and scratch pad features are great.

Goal Maker: Great for teams, over come procrastination, motivational, allos you to assign goals and tasks.

Affirmware’s Sculptor 3: This goal setting software is about affirming your goals and reaching your dreams. Ten minutes a day to reach your top three dreams or goals.

It may take a bit of time to locate a program that works for you, but once you find one the rewards of reaching your business goals faster will be worth the time investment.

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