Set your 2009 goals online for free

Some of us make New Years resolutions. I set goals. I have always used paper as I enjoy the creative process of Life Mapping (and goal setting). However, once I have set the goals and broken the steps down a good tool for managing those smaller steps and tracking my progress would be great !

This morning I checked out a few online goal setting services:

1) Life Tick.

This is my 2009 CHOICE. I like this system (which appears to be free at this point !) It sets your goals by Core Values (ie. family, work, religion) that you set. Goals are broken by step and email reminders can be sent. It also integrates with your current calendar system !

2) 8 Goals. This simple free goal setting website will allow you to chart lifetime goals, future goals, and current goals. Each goal can be broken down into steps and charted. You can also print your goals and progress.

The only downside I see is it appears to limit you to eight goals.


Have one simple but important goal ? This website will send you a weekly reminder by email:

Free Goal Setting Dot Com

4.) Life Tango

If you need the extra motivation and support, check out Life Tango. I personally only need something to help me get the goals down. Life Tango is a community which I don’t have time for. However, if you could use support with accomplishing your 2009 goals then this goal setting website may be the right goal setting tool for you. I do like their ‘brainstorming’ tools.

5. My Goal Manager (fee)

MyGoalManager offers a subscription from as low as $10 a month and has all the goal setting tools you could need and group goal setting.

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