The Clutter Diet and accepting your ‘style’

My review of Lorie Marrero”s book The Clutter Diet, is a tad behind schedule having spent two weeks with a virus running through the house.

I wanted touch on two things that caught my interest thus far and provide an outline of the book (some of the more technical stuff) today.

The Clutter diet is several chapters long plus room by room tips, a total of 260 pages (excluding acknowledgments). I was concerned at first glance that the book may be a bit lengthy for limited free time.

My concern was quickly put to rest as The Clutter Diet is divided in easy to read sections allowing me to put the book down throughout the day. Actually I have been keeping it in the van and reading while waiting for kids and appointments.

Here’s a breakdown of the chapters in section one:

  1. How to think like an organized person
  2. Getting motivated is about YOU
  3. Ten common motivational barriers
  4. How to overcome inertia

Right off the start Lorie provides two very essential tidbits.

Tuning into your style talks about accepting your personal style. This hit home for me. I love colours, my home is full of rich dark colours. To me a home is not a home without books, flowers, and wall hangings.  I love full book shelves, candles, and things others might consider clutter, all arranged in an aesthetic manner. If my standard is perfection I will never reach it.

Chapter one presents the idea of N E A T E R describing a realistic definition of goals.

If you haven’t already, grab the book The Clutter Diet and comment along with my review !

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