Keeping organized with your Blackberry

I gave up my PALM treo addiction last month in favour of a Blackberry Curve. I needed a new remotely based calender system that I could easily share with others and my palm treo didn’t provide the ability to sync effectively to a remotely hosted calender.

I settled on Google Calendar for keeping my work home family and children’s schedules together and the blackberry seemed the way to go. It’s been three weeks and it’s working great.

I have assigned each of the six kids their personal colour and my black berry easily updates my calender as I go using Google Sync for Balackberry. You can find out more about Google Sync for blackberry at the google blackberry sync page.

You can also sync google calender with other devices:

Sync Google Calender with mobile devices

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I love my BlackBerry! I am addicted too! And it’s way better than the iPhone! Read my article: How I stay organized with my BlackBerry