Spring Gardening To Do List

Spring gardening. I don’t know about you but my yard is a MESS ! I am rather embarrassed by the state my yard has gotten into. Super mom of three, I mastered scheduling, running house and running a business. Keeping my yard up was limited to mowing the yard every two weeks.

yardSpring is here and all around people are cleaning up their gardens and yards. This year that one item is at the top of my Spring to do list. Clean up my yard.

Clearing the over grown blackberry bushes is the obvious starting point in my back yard and today I jumped through that step. Now I am looking for hints for spring yard clean up and now I am researching what comes next in Spring Yard Clean up.

This looks like a great tip and it’s my next step:

“Do you want new beds? If so, lay out newspaper 5 or 6 sheets deep, then add several inches of compost over the top. This kills existing vegetation by smothering it. Four months later, you can dig it up to work the compost into the soil. No sod removal is necessary. “ Click Here for more Spring Yard Tips

Would love to know your Spring Gardening tips.

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Hire some friend’s teen-angster son or daughter. Make cookies for them and some of that smoothie action as well as cash mark out the beds for digging and stand back! teens are an under used resource in my community. Often hanging out with them for the after noon along side them is a really great mentor-thing to do. If you find a homelearner-kinda-kid then you could offer the time in your garden towards credits at whatever program they might be attached to… I do that in my Studio. I love my teen helpers. Love ’em! Mentoring/helping = win-win situation.