Organize your family’s menu with your blackberry

I have been managing my family’s schedule with my Blackberry successfully for some time, now I am testing out a variety of menu and shopping applications for Blackberry.

Blackberry has many great blackberry applications for moms. I am wondering how I possibly lived without my ‘MOM Blackberry’ !

This morning I downloaded Appetite to help me create menu plans on my blackberry. It has four sections;

Mom Blackberry Application

  1. My Recipes
  2. Get Recipes
  3. Grocery Lists
  4. Ingredients

I researched a variety of different blackberry applications for moms to use while plannign their family meals and shopping and this one seemed to have all of the tools I know I will need.

Download this handy Blackberry Application for busy moms at Simple Leap.

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AWESOME, we love it! Thanks so much for the write up. I know you will enjoy it, especially with our updates coming soon to speed up EVERYTHING!