Mom, do you have a procrastination problem?

Guest Article by: By Liz Rapelje

I’m a terrible procrastinator. Without a specific time management strategy, I think I’d put life itself off, while I play some Solitaire on my computer. Unfortunately, procrastination is a very real issue for many people, and it’s often responsible for the majority of your lost productivity.

Do You Have a Procrastination Problem?

  • Do you feel like you work, but never get anything done?
  • Do you plan to clean, but it never gets finished?
  • Do you start projects, but never see them through to completion?

If you answered yes to these questions, you probably have an issue with procrastination.

There is good news: You can overcome procrastination by implementing some time management techniques into your everyday life. Once you beat the procrastination monster, you’ll become much more successful in all areas of your life. You’ll also have more time for doing things you enjoy. One of the first steps to avoiding procrastination is to have a plan for your day. Whether you make a formal schedule, or just use a simple checklist, it’s easier to stay on task when you have something to refer to.

Sometimes people procrastinate because they’re feeling overwhelmed by a big task that seems impossible to complete. Instead of dealing with it, they simply avoid the task, finding other ways of spending their time. If this sounds familiar to you, you can break this cycle by breaking the task into smaller pieces. It won’t seem as unmanageable, and you’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment as you finish each piece.

Set Deadlines

You can also avoid procrastination by creating task deadlines for yourself. By setting your deadline a little earlier than the real deadline (or creating one when there isn’t a specific date for completion) you create a sense of urgency for getting the task done. You also set yourself up for success, as you’re building in “wiggle room” for the unexpected.

Treat Yourself with Rewards

Give yourself a reward when you’re effective at meeting your goals and staying on schedule. Sometimes, a simple reward is all the motivation you need to stay focused on the task at hand. By combining all of these methods in your fight against procrastination, you’ve got a better chance of getting those things that are important to you, in both business and personal life, completed. You’ll feel less stressed out, and better about yourself over all. You’ll also have more time to enjoy life.

Procrastination is one of the worst culprits in poor time management – Click here for a free report entitled 5 Quick Time Management Techniques.

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