Thinking about summer entertainment

I was thinking about my childhood summers last night. Tomorrow I am off to be a kindergarten mom helper for a day at the beach and just one more day before schools out for my children.

This summer I plan on taking the kids for a few camping trips (OK not real camping but the resort type where you have real washrooms and a swimming pool), and I started looking online for some new game ideas. I was wondering if I could find some of the board games I use to play as a child. A way to relive my childhood summer memories while helping my children create new ones.

I found this great shopping site that lists classic toys . I had never seen a wikki list for toys like this. I shop on ebay and a lot of online stores but I have bookmarked this one for Christmas shopping. Especially the Skatboard section. Finding toys for my ‘in between’ son can be hard and his birthday is coming up. I refuse to buy anymore video games.   I hear  dolls and doll houses are a no fail Christmas gift for little girls. . . . . .

Speaking of skateboards, if you haven’t yet, consider getting a skateboard rack for your sons. This is a great way to get them up off the floor and display their boards on the wall.

So I have managed to go from planning for summer vacation to starting to plan for Christmas. I wonder if there is a date in which you must start Christmas shopping in order to be officially an ‘organized mom’ ? Mind you with the current economic state it would be a good idea to start spreading out my Christmas shopping to ensure I am not over extending my budget at Christmas.  I can not believe I just went from summer holidays to Christmas!

Come to think of it, I should go out and buy some of those summer toys, that would make a unique Christmas gift ! You don’t see them out at Christmas time.

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