Weekly Computer Maintenance Check List

I get calls from friends quite often being the resident computer geek in my inner circle of friends. Their computer is slow, its dragging, it’s freezing. So as my friendship duties require I stop in for a coffee and they pull out the lap top or lead me to the office.

Their computer is on, oh it has been for two weeks? The update icon has a ! and there are more icons on the desktop then I can count. When I ask them when they last defragged they look at me blankly.

Remember that’s the little icon I moved into your task bar so you could click it each week? OK you get the just.

I can’t drink any more coffee and think it would be nice to visit my friends just to visit and I bet your social groups ‘computer geek’ feels the same way as me.

So here’s my basic weekly computer maintenance check list to help your computer from hating you. (I know it’s a strong word.)

1) Updates, you NEED to stay on top of Microsoft critical updates. Yes you will need to restart your computer afterwards. Go to Windows Update and set up your computer to auto update.

2) You should only have ONE antivirus program. ONE yes ONE. It’s really not a case of the more antivirus software on your computer the better. If you are cheap (or broke) I suggest AVG Free. Be sure to download it to your desktop – then UNINSTALL the old antivirus software BEFORE you install AVG.

3) Run a FULL scan with AVG every week.

4) Clear your computer each week: (Programs-> Accessories->System tools)

* Run “Disk Cleanup” to delete unneeded files
* Run “Defrag” to defragment your files
* Delete your temporary Internet files & clear your Internet history.
* Back up your files and store them away from your computer
* Empty your Recycle bin (It’s not a storage folder)

One more quick tip:

Your computer is also not the place to store ALL your photos, videos, and music. By all means keep those you use often.

[aw-fuhn, of-uhn; awf-tuhn, of-] S
1. many times; frequently: He listens to his music as often as he can.
2. in many cases.

I am betting if you lost all your family photos you wouldn’t be too happy. That should be reason enough to make sure when you download the photos you zip the folder and upload them to MSN skydrive and burn them to a disk.

A few very simple tasks that will keep your computer happy and your computer geek friend sane.

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