Featured Organized Mom – Cheryl Phillips

Introducing another real ‘Almost Always Orgnized mom’ Cheryl Phillips;

cherylHow do you keep your children’s schedules together ?
I don’t overload my children with activities. If there is an activity they want to join (dance, etc) then that is fine. However, my belief is that concentrating on doing well in school and creative play at home are the best way to raise a child. I’m probably not going to be popular in saying that, but I see too many children “overscheduled”.

I like to eat dinner together every night. If there are activities, parties and other events going on, I just keep everything up on the family calendar (right on the refrigerator) so everyone knows what’s going on.

Do you use a particular day planner ? I used to. Then I’d leave it in my car and fall asleep before I could go out and get it.

Do you own a blackberry? Yes! I’ve had a BB for three years now. I went two months without it to test my endurance. I won’t do that again.

What is you most used ‘time saving tip’ when it comes to running your house?
I believe in doing the same routine every day. My children actually help me save time. They all have to put their things away after school, set the table for dinner, clear the dishes, etc. So, the biggest time saving tip has been for me to teach my children to help out. I rarely have to tell anyone to put away shoes or throw their laundry in the hamper. It becomes routine when everything has a time and place.

Do you have a favourite quick meal for your family? Yes. It’s a really basic recipe and dinner is ready in 15 minutes. Home made macaroni and a wayyyyyy lot of cheese, salad and fruit.

Tell us the truth ? What would we find in your car right now ?
My car is always clean in the passenger area. I’m just a little uptight about that. I don’t allow food unless we’re on a road trip or it’s really early and we’re heading somewhere when breakfast at home is impossible. I don’t like a car that looks like a basement. However, check in my trunk and you’ll find a case of bottled water, 3 sand buckets, 4 shovels, a bottle of Febreze, baby wipes (I don’t have babies but these are great to have!), a box of trash bags (hey, you never know how handy they can be!), my last pair of crutches and four different knee braces. I’ve had three surgeries in the past 18 months. Life is unpredictable. I need to be prepared.

What advice would you give to other moms who feel the pressure of trying to be ‘super mom’?
It’s overrated. We are humans and we mess up. I didn’t get an instruction book and I have been a single Mom for the past eight years. I just wing it and when something works, I stick with it. I don’t pretend to be great at what I do. I just enjoy my children and have fun.

What is your number one goal for the year ? How do you plan to reach it ?

My initial thought was to tell you that I want to become a blogger on the Huffington Post. However, that’s a goal that is secondary to something far more important. I want to learn how to climb and descend stairs normally. I haven’t been able to do that since 2007. I am not positive how I am going to achieve the goal…more than likely a combination of more physical therapy and will power.

Cheryl Phillips is a single mother of five, freelance writer, blogger and social media addict who realized that Twitter was created so that she would stop being so long-winded. Her blog, The Daily Blonde, is a commentary of life without sugarcoating. Cheryl is passionate about combiningTwitter and other forms of social media to help grow small business.

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