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How time flies by, it only seems like yesterday when the tedious job of taking down the Christmas decorations was undertaken and stored up the loft, only to repeat the whole tedious process accordingly to commemorate Easter. However, because the lord is involved with both festive dates – makes tasks as such not so tedious at all but much more rewarding. Christmas day we celebrate the birth of Christ and Easter Sunday his resurrection.

Tradition up holds by giving a child a chocolate egg on Easter Sunday, and in some cases more because of greed, all because mom and dad give in to their demands. This is not good for their health or your pocket. Parents need to downsize on the chocolate egg or quantity. Huge savings can be made by doing this thus giving you those extra pennies to spend on healthy candy alternatives.

Easter is about feasting but do take care of what edible delights you are serving up. Keep your child’s welfare in mind. hence no guilt trip for you if the child is sick from overeating or piling on the pounds.

If the feast table is to be laden with yummies to fill the tummies then it is a good idea to include some healthier alternatives. There is a vast variety of healthy replacements for candy baskets.

Instead of chocolate or marshmallow candy, fill the baskets with natural cookies which can be baked at home and juicy fruits. Mini boxes of raisins dried apple pieces and sultanas are a good choice of appetizer.

Fill basket with low fat candies.

Both stuffed bunny rabbits and jelly beans are tempting eye candy to a child and low in calories.

After the feast their will be the cleaning up so no time to cook tea, a good idea is to have the children decorate hard boiled eggs which can be eaten with a salad.

If the hens have been laying and you have spare eggs organize an egg rolling competition. Hard-boiled eggs are rolled down a slope, the winner is the one which rolls the egg the furthest, survives the most rolls, or is successfully aimed between two pegs!

Below budget-friendly activities for kids this Easter:

Take the kids on a shopping spree. Give each whatever you can afford and let them choose their own Easter gift, by doing this the day will not seem as long than that of being in the home running out of ideas as to what to do next.

Easter Garden : Pick up some flower pots, and seeds, and teach your kids a few gardening basics then let them plant their own spring flowers.

Sometimes a change of location is all it takes to keep kids entertained and more so at Easter time. So why not take the kids on a picnic, weather permitting. Whether it is the garden or a nearby park the kids will love it. Bring a toy to play with, it would be in your best interest to replace the old kite or ball with a new one, this will excite the children more.

Give young children a basket of brightly coloured plastic eggs; with coins inside each egg, be careful with small items placed in an Easter basket.

Easter day is named after the Saxon goddess of spring, Eostre, whose feast took place at the spring equinox. Easter is now the spring feast of the Christian church, commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Traditionally Easter eggs are given as presents symbolising new life and the coming of spring.

Happy Easter

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