Back to school and school newsletters

It’s September and here that means back to school has arrived. So have the newsletters, teacher notes, dance registrations, band forms, lunch program and picture day forms.

homecontrolI am lost in a pool of paper and determined to not be as ‘unorganized’ as I was last year. or to drown under the pile.

So this busy mom has dusted off her mom time management skills and has managed to get through the first week of school with everything under control.

My family time management control center is back up and running… complete with;

1) a LARGE desktop calendar – stuck onto the cork board with double sided tape. The little ’30 day family calendars have never had enough space to write down all of our schedules.

2) the large envelopes (on the corkboard) are used for teacher notes, school forms ect.

3) my ticket (the small blue paper). Graciously handed to me by a local RCMP officer who felt I did not come to a full and complete stop at the four way  intersection this week. Which by the way will cost you $140 Canadian dollars ! I use the board for items I know I will need during the week and that’s one bill I have to get paid ;)

4) the  wall hangers on the side – there is one for each child and it will hold agendas, homework, and library books.

5) Hooks – each child has one hoody and one rain jacket (we live in the rain forest of BC). Another set of hooks holds each child’s school bag. Lunch boxes are kept in the kitchen.

Family school organizingThe back of the door has a white board- which up to this morning held a quote from Obama’s Back to school speech. It now holds the notes of things for my housekeeper to do (yes I gave in and she comes 2-3 times a week for 2 hours because I can not do it ALL) and the following note for my son:

Liam: All video games are gone.

We will talk next Sunday at 7pm about them coming back based on:

1)Being up ready for school by 8:00 am. HAPPY

2)All homework done and agenda being used

3)In bed sleeping by 9 pm

4)How you treat your siblings and your mom

So that gives you a bit of insight to the ‘Almost Always Organized Mom’s’ crazy life. Have a great week and I would love to hear your back to school organization tips.

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