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I was super excited this morning to receive a knock on the door. For what should have arrived but a package of children’s books for Halloween.

Halloween is not my favourite holiday but it is that of my parents –  so Halloween has always been a fun time for my family. I do however LOVE reading to my children every evening before bed and we have a few great new children’s books to read for Halloween.

The first book, my daughter was happy to read to me right away. She has also asked to take it to school at Halloween to have me read to her classmates (so we will have to do some practicing).

tuckers_spooky_halloweenThe book is Tuckers Spooky Halloween written by Leslie McGuirk. Tucker is an adorable little terrier (the type of white dog my border collie mistakes for a sheep) looking for an ideal Halloween costume.

If you stop by Leslie McGuirk’s website you will find that Tucker has his very own series of books that I will have to look for.

Tucker reminds me of my son Darryl who spends at least one month changing his mind everyday as to what he will dress up as for Halloween.

My daughter reads at an advanced Grade one level and she needed some help sounding out some of the larger words. I think my son who is a year older would have an easier time with this book.

It is a GREAT bedtime story. I plan to read it to my daughter’s classroom  and utilize my Early Childhood Education experience. Yes we had to practice reading children’s books to an audience, though it’s been a while. Maybe I will dress up and read … hmmmm  should I be a cowgirl or a witch ?

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