Planning your child’s birthday celebrations

Each family is unique, some simply celebrate with family, some hire a band and invite 50 children. There is no right or wrong in most areas of parenting, just a difference of what’s right for your family and theirs.

cake.jpgMy daughter turned five this week and on Sunday we are having a princess and fairy party. This year my bathroom is in the middle of renovations and the family trip to Disneyland has left my single parent budget a bit strapped.

When you plan your children’s party I encourage you to plan in your budget. Some years she may have 20 guests, this year thats just not feasible.

To my daughter its all about the cake. She was in tears yesterday when she thought the cake we made for after our family dinner was”THE cake” once she realized her party would include the special ordered Tinker Bell cake with a rainbow (rainbows are her favourite thing). She was happy. Her birthday will include the cake, three special friends, making magic fairy wands, Disney princess karaoke (we have a family machine) and loot bags.

Every town usually has a “cake lady” she’s a women who loves baking and will create you a custom family party cake according to your child’s wish. Try calling your local Hobbie and craft store and ask if they know someone who makes amazing cakes from home as a business. Our Cake lady charges $30 and delivers the cake to the DOOR! This saves me time from baking or a trip to the bakery.

A tip about budgeting; plan your children’s party a month ahead of time. With parenthood comes many unexpected costs (for me this month it’s dental work and some extra bathroom renovations costs). I always try to purchase their gift and party supplies a month ahead.

There are allot of great online services that allow you to purchase your party in a box, if you have the budget, this can save you allot of time. I personally enjoy searching Ebay and other venues for unique party favours.

Good luck with your cake planning! let me know if you have a cake lady in your home town. If you ARE a cake lady, please post your website or details in your comment…Here’s to your child’s party memories.

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