Housework and um time with you loved one in the evening …

Some of you might wonder what this has to do with my regular topic but really I feel this makes sense.

I was surfing some great mom blogs this morning ans tumbled across a post on Daily Mom titled ” Does sharing chores with your Hubby mean a better love life.” The study quoted implied that men of today so more housework.

I won’t argue that – well sort of . Since the 60’s men may do a bit more housework but women ALSO work full time jobs outside of their household duties (no studies, just my observations here in my community – if you know a community where men really do an equal amount of house/family items then let me know because I would like to move there ;) so I don’t feel it’s any where near equal yet.

The Daily Mom shares that this study suggests that chore sharing equals more frequent ahem “adult alone time” (I have to maintain my G rating. )

This makes complete sense. As a mom to three children running a house and working by the end of the day i would be too exhausted to brush my teeth some nights let alone hank panky ;)
Add the resentment that I worked as many hours as my husband but did over 90% of household chores and some things that 50 years ago would have been¬† “the mans job”¬† … I actually have a chart about this topic that I often share :-)

So if this study can be used to encourage your Honey to step up and help you do more chores then I celebrate this evening !

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