Lets talk crazy living as an almost organized mom

So here are a few crazy things from my life as a single mom of three this last week;

Organized Mom1) My children were reported to MY MOTHER by her friend (how old am I ?). Her friend felt the need to tell her that my two youngest children were late for school because they were outside splashing in puddles at a turtles pace walking to school. Yes, this is the same friend of my mother who caught me skipping out of school in 9th grade and felt the need to call her. OK that I understand but calling my mom about my own kids ?!  Her intentions a re good so I guess I should smile knowing she cares about me (my mom’s friend that is).

2) All in the same night -> my roof leaked, my dishwasher over flowed and the basement toilet began leaking.

3) My pay cheque was late and all my bills were overdue.

There are some weeks when someone is telling you to stop and laugh. If I didn’t I just might live in the bathroom with the door locked all week ! There is a silver lining, I received an email about a job interview with a large internet company that made me feel wonderful since I didn’t actually apply. Someone wants my skills – made my week!

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