Tips From the Almost Always Organized Mom

Get a library bag. Fabric shopping bags work great. I keep mine next to the door on a hook and the children are told to KEEP their books in the bag not on their book shelf or under their book shelf, bed, or laundry hamper (all places they tend to disappear to). It keeps them handy to grab when I get time to stop by the library. — The Almost Always Organized Mom


Lego Contest for kids

There aren’t nearly enough family friendly contests on the internet, so I am happy to share this one that you can do with your child :)

Lego Systems Inc have announced the 2nd annual Creation Nation Creativity Awards.  (Open to the USA and Canada) Kids between 6 and 13 have to come up with a way to get around everyday challenges and submit a paper for the chance to win $5,000 to go towards things like craft supplies or lessons.

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