My dishwasher is unloading itself

As I sit here blogging this evening I suddenly hear the sound of my dishwasher unloading. Now since I am sitting here on the couch in the living room I am quite astounded to be hearing the clicking of glasses as they make their way into the cupboard – oh wait. YES! That is the sound of a drawer and the tinkle of cutlery being sorted (yes sorted) into their individual compartments of the cutlery tray !

No I don’t have an automatic unloading dishwasher (but I would pay extra for that feature!). I believe it is my son (9) since he is the only family member not in the room. Unless of course our cat has some extraordinary powers I am unaware of.

I want to celebrate! It’s moments like this that make me think I am doing OK as a mother.  In case you are wondering how he knows to actually sort the cutlery. That was his first chore, mind you I never told him it was a chore. When he was three, I would take the knives out and hand him the cutlery case from the dishwasher and show him to put the spoons together the forks together while I unloaded the dishwasher. Taking full advantage of those years when they WANT to do what ever mommy does.

I also wanted to mention this wonderful idea I saw on “And thats…the truth” a  parenting blog this evening. In celebration of her children’s school achievements this year she is having plaques made for her children. After watching my son’s grade four floor hockey team almost suffocating one another in the pile to reach their trophy last week .. I believe this is just the perfect way to celebrate and remember our children’s school accomplishments.  Thank you Kim.

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