The Ultimate Blog Party 2008!!!

OK- I have been watching the five minute mom blog prepare for their The Ultimate Blog Party 2008 for a few days and I just can’t help it. I have to join in and share it with you all.

Actually it was the video on their front page that resulted in my children running to see where the music was from and they twisted my arm. So Head on over to the party ….. Click Here

To those of you from the party … be sure to subscribe to my feed. Because you won’t want to miss out Mothers Day Contest next month!

So who is this Organized Mom at Organized Families?

I am a mother of three children – My middle son the “SPY” wanted to share the top secret desk of the Organized Mom …

Yes I have successfully not only infiltrated moms office but taken Michelle’s camera as well. A spy in the making – Peace everyone. D you think she will know its me ? Wait is this thing working ? FLASH CLICK Oops busted

Yes I am the Organized Mom. Well I was the professional nanny who kept other moms organized then I had three children of my own ;) My skills are goal setting, planning, time management, marketing and advertising. I work in advertising for an online company to pay the bills and have recently turned my website into a BLOG website. The official launch isn’t until April 1st 2008.

I have a few printable dayplanners I have designed and on occasion I help other families (with no fee) to get a system in place to help the stay organized and keep their schedules together. I also volunteer on my children’s PAC, and as a family advocate in my community.

I look forward to learning more about from all the great Bloggers at the party….

Prizes in order:

7 — Bead Dangle Photo Tile Necklace
Provided by: Elemental Memories

20 — $50 gift certificate to Paperlicious
Provided by: – Hip Invites & Notes

62 — Boca Beth Bilingual Beginner Set
Provided by: The Boca Beth Program

29 — $25 gift card to My Mommy’s Bracelets or Baby Girl Bracelets.

8 — 50 Nights of Family Fun
Provided by: Essential Family Living

38 — 20 Custom Made Teacher Notecards
Provided by: My Little Monkey Boutique

64 — Pirates of the Caribbean portable CD player
Provided by: The Geeky Housewife
11 — $40 gift certificate to Good For The Kids
Provided by: Good For The Kids

18 — Wrap-N-Mat and Chico shopping bag
Provided by: Nature Moms

44 — Jump Start World 1st Grade
Provided by: Mom Reviews

61 — The Very Cool Lunchbox
Provided by: Victoria P. Zurcher Designs

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I was just stopping by to say hi and to enjoy the blog party but I may have overstayed my welcome. I really like your site and I am glad I came across it. This site is just what I need.