Organizing the kids homework

I don’t make it to my children’s school often. I am lucky to live in a small town where the kids still walk to school. However today a lightening storm started 10 minutes before the bell rang so I decided the mom bus needed to be started. What does this have to do with homework ? Well My daughters teacher told me ‘Abbie doesn’t seem to be interested in doing any work at school” guess what that means – we don’t finish our work at school …..

Then Darryl’s teacher says ‘Darryl doesn’t seem to be interested in doing his school work’. Sigh, I have to admit I have NOT been keeping the kids school events and homework organized. I have no homework system or home work routine. So in a hope in becoming the organized mom again I took my daughter to the dollar store to get a system in place for her.

The boys each have a school agenda, that I NEED to be using. Abbies is primary and the school doens’t order school agendas for the primary grades. So I needed to create one for her (actually it’s more for mom).

So here is our solution for organzing Abbie’s school homework.

Total cost: less then $7.00

Large zip locking bag (with a slider because the other ones are frustrating for little fingers and won’t get closed = lost homework organizers). ( I usually have these in my box but I bought 8 for $1.00)

One pencil (we had this at home)

One pencil sharpener

One fun homework bag sign

One hard covered blank journal (letter size)

The plastic bag keeps it all organized AND helps with rain (this busy mom lives in the North West).  Of course now I have to establish a homework routine. Establishing any family routine usually takes some patience and incentive always helps.

So I made a Mom’s homework organization bag to help me with my attempt to get the children’s homework and school events organized.  A bag to organize the homework items (which belongs to mom to ensure it dosen’t migrate into someones bedroom). It includes a new box of crayons, pencil crayons, three pencils, my highlighter & pen (for writing notes for the teacher), and $6.00 worth stickers (homework incentive). I think I might make a fancy sign for my bag as well.

Abbie’s homework agenda or organizer will be used to practise her spelling, write her reading times, send notes back and forth to the teacher, and write about her day to help improve her writing skills.

My homework routine means I can expect to site at the table with Abbie and Darryl for at least 30 minutes each night. No one said parenting wouldn’t be time consuming !

Now if you need an organizer for mom -> go check out the MOM AGENDA and get up to 40% off.

Another option for a school organizer if you want something a bit cuter … Freckle Box has personalized notebooks.  They cost 9.95 personalized clipboards are just $19.95  the coupon code FBFRIEND may give you 15% off if it hasn’t expired :)

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Lilliana Pellam

I believe you need to add a video clip to your post so that you can make it a lot more interesting. Nevertheless I loved your writing style.