Palm software – Splash Id – your passwords at your fingertips

The electronic organizer of choice for this busy mom has always been a Palm. I have never been able to let go of my “paper” mom planner but my palm has always complimented my paper based family Organization systems.

Last fall I signed up for a new cell phone and went with a Palm Treo Smart phone. Which leads me to my morning discovery ….  Splash ID. I have encountered some technical difficulties with Vista on my work computer and one of the problems is that I have to reload all my email accounts for work which in turn pointed out a glaring concern in my organization system. I have NO one place to store passwords. OK, so I do, a little page in the back of my dayplanner that I attempt to encrypt with my own secret code. OK, I am not five anymore and unlike my son who loves breaking codes, I can’t remember what codes I used when I created some of these passwords!

Of course I have also learned that we need STRONG passwords and really shouldn’t be using the same password for all of our accounts (which i have remedied) but now I really can’t recall half my passwords.

So this morning I downloaded the 30 day trial of Splash ID and will be upgrading to a paid version if this works.

If you aren’t a palm user this program also works with your blackberry and a variety of other hand helds as well.

Click here to download your 30 day trial and see if it works for you.

It’s a great goal for next week to all you busy moms …  create a system for storing all your memberships and passwords in one place.

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