Palm Tuesday – electronic organizer tips

I find my Palm Treo is great for keeping the children busy in lineups.

Its mom’s gadget and the only time they get to touch it is when mom is supervising making it special and as such it keeps them occupied.  I only have the two standard comes with XP games and this evening I thought I would look at what other games I could find.

You mak be asking how games possible are a time saving tool. Here’s my theory based on two scenerios.

Scenerio One: (no palm) Mom and child at drig store. Mom can we go ?  Are you done yet ? I want to go home. Mom is rushed knowing their child is going to melt down and forgets to pick up the cold medicine resulting in another trip back after the children are done their homework.

Scenerio Two: (with palm) Child happily sits in buggy playing allowing mom to take her time and shop, remembering all the items listed on her palm which she double checks before letting her child play.

I was delighted to discover FLASH CARDS ! that will help my children learn spanish while I shop.

So here are my top three keep your children busy while you shop Palm applications:

Declan’s Spanish Language Flash Cards with audio

Connect Four

Match – Memory Game

*Please be sure to ALWAYS scan any file you down load from the internet for viruses BEFORE you extract them.

Special thank you to Method 


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