Balance – is it a fairy tale ?

What does that mean ? Balancing your life. Finding Balance ?

Is it possible ? Or is really only something we can pursue but never really attain ? When I hear the term “balancing your life” I think of a life that easily distributes your time and energy across all facets of our individual life creating a peaceful and stress free life. That would be the object right to create balance?

Striving to reach this seems wonderful, but really is it possible ? Life throws things at us, every day , every week, every month … the unexpected and these things will knock us off our ” balancing scale” with weight thrown into one area of our life leaving us toppled over.

I believe the key is to set realistic expectations on ourselves and to measure our success not on what we see others accomplishing because what works for one family is not going to be whats best for yours.

When I attended college we spent some time in one of my Early Childhood education classes discussing the idea of four areas of life; Health, Spirit, Family/Friends, and Work. Most of my goal setting revolves around goals specific to these areas. If applying the same amount of energy across all four areas equivalents balance then I would say I am horridly toppled.

I can manage my time, I can accomplish goals, but despite all my training, experience and natural ability I am still not balanced. I fight seasonal allergies and an auto immune disorder these two things often throw a wrench into any plans I have for balance.

Instead I focus on my goals. I try to make small steps of progress each week towards those goals and when I can measure the steps I feel I am moving forward. These goals are in all areas of my life, depending on what is thrown my way in any given week I may move forward more in my family life one week and work the next. To me finding balance is about learning to let go in one area of my life to allow growth or time in another when it’s needed. It’s about being able to let go of expectations of others and focus on what works for me and my family. Its about realizing that I will never have true “balance”.

I worry that by striving for this balance we all want – we may spend so much time living like an acrobat standing on a ball looking up trying to balance things that we miss the new opportunities standing two feet in front of us if we. I don’t want to stand in one place balancing things. I want to be moving forward and if that means sometimes I have to topple over to get off that ball and start walking then – so be it :-)

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