Wednesday Palm Review – Personal Finance Manager for Desktops, PDAs & Smartphones

Not just for electronic organizers… you can use this program on your desktop as well.

Splash Money allows you to keep track of your finances from your hand held…

  • SplashMoney Desktop application with two-way sync – allows you to view, edit, and print transactions on your desktop computer
  • Online banking — download transactions from your bank directly into SplashMoney on your desktop and handheld
  • Budgets and Reports with Charts

Available in four different versions this software can be used by any PC user.

Windows Mobile Pocket PC | Windows Mobile Smartphone

| Palm Operating System | Desk Top only

Having the ability to easily view how much money is in the bank and what your credit card balance is allows you to easily view where your money is being spent and as a result can cut down on impulse purchases.

This software receives a great review from Organized Mom – However the ability to download your bank transactions is limited to US banks only.

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