Throw away Thursday – socks you have them the machine eats them

With 12 minutes to spare (thank goodness for Pacific Standard Time), I am posting Throw away Thursday.
I firmly not only believe but have proven to myself that keeping LESS stuff saves me time and my sanity. So every Thursday (maybe you can complete this on Friday ;) I challenge you to join my by throwing out something you really really don’t need. Of course if you can recycle that would be a better option, or if what you don’t need can be donated then by all means that would be a better route as well. So my challange for you is to join me by getting rid of those socks your washing machine didn’t want to eat.You know the OTHER sock. The one with a pink ballerina who has no dance partner ? Or maybe its just a box that has sat next to the washer for how many months ?. Just do it. Really you will feel good when you next do laundry.

A tip – train your children (your future daughter in law will love you ) to take their socks off , fold the tops and put them in the laundry. Keeping them in the same load next time around.

Tell me if you participated in Throw away Thursday by posting a comment and you could win a an amazon gift certificate worth $10 at the end of the month.

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Having saved my daughter’s baby clothes for over 3 years “just in case” we have another girl, I finally gave in and went through all the bins. Clothes that were stained went straight to the trash. Clothes that were in decent shape were tagged and added to our MOPS Children’s Consignment Sale this past weekend! Amazing how much more storage space we have now!