Friday Guest Post – budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas

Written by Rachel Paxton

I recently gave my bathroom a complete makeover. It was much easier than I expected, and only took a few days to complete. For less than $200 I gave my bathroom a completely new look that I love.

The first thing I did was choose some paint. I started out with bare white walls. I chose Kilz brand paint. The color is called “Garden Glove” (a cheerful spring green), and a gallon cost about $15 at Walmart. One gallon was plenty to paint the entire bathroom. Just painting the bathroom gave it whole new look. I also bought a small can of white paint to touch up the paint around the doorways.

Because our master bathroom is not very well lit, we decided to change the light fixture. For only $40 (including bulbs) at Home Depot, we installed a vanity light fixture over the mirror behind the sinks. It only took a few minutes to install, and it looks great. The bathroom is much brighter now than it was before.

To gain some extra storage space, we purchased a white cabinet that stands over the toilet. It has four shelves and a cupboard and cost about $100 at Home Depot. I recently saw that Walmart had some similar cabinets for between $50 and $75.

We have two windows in our bathroom so I thought plants would really brighten up the room. I bought some pretty solid color flower pots from Walmart for a couple of dollars and some matching spring primroses (less than $2 each). I set the pots on top of the new cabinet. The finishing touch will be a couple of ferns to hang above the garden bathtub, in front of the windows.

I love my new bathroom. It looks like a completely different room. Just a few simple changes can update and rejuvenate your bathroom too!

Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom of four. For easy home decorating ideas for busy moms, visit Frugal Home Decor at
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Organized Mom

This article is meaningful to me as I am undergoing some on a budget bathroom makeovers myself- although I also replaced the tile which made a HUGE difference :)