Back to School Organization Tips and Tricks

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It’s back to school time again, get your family organized and ready for the new school year!!!

The summer is a great, great time of year and I’m sure we all have fond memories of our own summer vacations.  Our children, too, surely look forward to summer and spending days at the pool, trips to Disneyland or the zoo and lots of fun and games.  But alas, summer must come to an end, and that means it’s time to get ready to go back to school.

Getting you and your family organized for a new year of school fun can be a daunting task. Each year presents new challenges and old routines are just not going to accommodate the changes that happen every year.

Routine is your friend.  Establish a clearly defined, easy to follow routine as soon as possible.  You might have gotten a little lax with some of your usual practices…perhaps chores are ignored and overlooked, computer time is stretched out a bit, bedtime has gotten a little hectic, and so forth.

Now is a great time to get back on track and get everyone back in the school year groove.  And don’t wait until the first week of school either…there’s enough to worry about.  Start with earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings, have a nice printed chore chart ready to go and in use.  Your kids might resist these rules and routines, but they really do need this structure and almost always respond quite well when they know exactly what’s expected of them and when.

Get a Good Organizer.  Get a good schedule book, family organizer or a good family tablet app to get everything clearly laid out and ready to go. Once you’ve written something down and can easily find it again you’re much more likely to remember what needs to be done and follow the plan.  And don’t just put down to-do lists and appointment times.  Organization books and calenders are great for this, of course, but also use them to record emergency phone numbers and other important phone numbers like the school attendance office, the doctor and dentist, babysitter, play dates, etc.

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Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute. Make sure you have all of your back-to-school supplies in hand a month or at least a few weeks before opening bell. You don’t want to be one of the hoards of people shuffling around half-empty shelves during the evening of the first day of school.

Get those school haircuts done a week or two before school starts as well.  You want to give your children a little chance to get used to a new hairdo before school starts.

Plan Ahead.  You’ll want to get into the habit of planning ahead for the entire school year, and what better way to start than the first week.  Have the week’s meals all planned and the shopping done.  If you can, get the lunches made the night before. Have all the laundry done and have the next day’s school clothes laid out and ready to put on.  And, don’t forget to set your alarm clocks!  Allow yourself some extra time the first day or two so you can avoid any last-minute problems and have plenty of time to take care of unforeseen delays.

Remember, This is Fun!  You want to give your children good memories of school and need to make absolutely sure that you make going back to school a great experience. Don’t stress them out freaking out about the little things.

Get your organization hat on and say goodbye to any last minute back-to-school jitters.

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